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Ryan Johannesen

   Ryan has performed many different roles at Glacier over the last 13 years.  Starting out as a guide and river manager, Ryan is now the proud owner.  Guiding is still his passion, but on any given day you can see him taking reservations, driving the bus, chatting with guests and conducting quality control.  An accomplished snowboarder and videographer, Ryan has happily found his home here in Golden.

“Ryan was so cool and calm at seeing us through.  We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to come back” 

                         - DarrenEdmoton_ab, Trip Advisor Review - July 19, 2013



 isaac guide photo

Isaac Kamink

   Isaac has 12 years of experience on the Kicking Horse, and he has been our River Manager for the last 5 years.  Isaac is the ultimate outdoorsman and he possesses a wealth of knowledge about the mountains and rivers in this area.   His respect for the natural environment is apparent and his enthusiasm for what he does has our returning guests requesting him year after year. 

“Our guide Isaac was just the greatest.  He was engaging and funny and told us exactly what we needed to do.  He had plenty of interesting stories and there was never a dull moment the whole time.”  

                                      - Courtneyyyyy, Trip Advisor Review - Aug.6, 2013



chad guide photo

Chad Nogler

   Chad has been with us for the past 11 years.  His experience and river sense make him an invaluable member of the Glacier team, and he’s always watching out for his guests to make sure they have the best day possible.  Chad spends his winters on Vancouver Island where he just finished his degree in Social Work.  An avid reader and hockey enthusiast, Chad’s presence is irreplaceable. 

“Our guide, Chad, was awesome, he showed us all the tricks to enjoy the rapids to the fullest.  I was a little nervous starting out, but Chad was attentive and always looking out for the safety of his rafters.”  

                             - Vacation_Maven7, Trip Advisor Review - Sept. 4, 2013



jair guide photo

Jair Stolz

   It’s hard to find a happier guide!  Jair has been with us for 6 years now, and you can always count on him for a smile.  Jair has an impressive amount of energy and he’s incredibly handy.  From wood working and sewing to automotive repairs, we’re always turning to Jair for something.  He has recently constructed a beautiful yurt where he lives off the grid with his family in the Blaeberry Valley.

“Our guide was Jair who was great.  He was knowledgeable, friendly and you could tell he loved his job.  When you have a guide who truly enjoys what they are doing it is contagious and makes the whole experience that much better”  

                                          - Darrick W, Trip Advisor Review - Aug. 5, 2013



 evan guide photo

Evan Pitman

   This is Evan’s 5th season with Glacier.  His calm personality, positive outlook and solid work ethic make Evan a key member of our team.  An Aussie by birth, Evan recently received his residency and is on his way to becoming a proud Canadian citizen.  A home brew master and gardener extraordinaire, everyone loves having Evan around.

“Evan was our guide and he was great!  Obviously very experienced and made our day that much more fun.”  

                                             - KLMRi, Trip Advisor Review - Aug. 31, 2013



mike guide photo

Michael Reeder

   Mike is the newest member of our team, having worked with us for the past 3 years.  You would think he has been with us for a lot longer given his knowledge of the river and camaraderie with the crew.  He’s an exceptional kayaker and spent this past winter working as a raft guide in South America.   He recently graduated from U Vic, and we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our staff.

“Big thanks to Mike the rafting guide who made our day great and made one more check mark on my bucket list.” 

                                             - CLay05, Trip Advisor Review, Aug. 6, 2013



kris guide photo

Kris King

   This will be Kris’ 4th year working on the Kicking Horse, but he has been guiding for many more with experience on the Kootenay River and Toby Creek.  Kris has worked with River Watch which is a program that provides educational river trips for high school students, and he is a very positive presence in our community.  From organizing events to planning festivals, Kris brings a lot of life to our town.

“Wonderful experienced staff, especially our guide Kris…Thanks for making  us feel like family.”

                                          – Vicki T, Trip Advisor Review, Aug. 12, 2013



Liz Anstiss

   Liz is known as the Godmother because of her 16 years of experience guiding on the Kicking Horse River.  She grew up on the water, as her family used to be the owners of Glacier.  Liz is now the proud mom of two handsome boys, and she’s our guest star on busy weekends when we need a few more guides to help us out.  We always look forward to the days when she’s around!



Eric Prasloski

   Eric keeps everyone in line.  Our primary driver and master chef for the past 3 years, Eric makes sure things are running smoothly.  From logistics and scheduling, to organizing and cooking, Eric is thorough and efficient and we love having him around.

“The food – yummm!!  Eric, our chef, made an excellent steak and some terrific salads and dessert.  One heck of a meal”  

                                          -AlyssaHegel, Trip Advisor Review, July 8, 2013



Carmen Narancsik

   Carmen has been with us for 3 years, and she’ll be the first smiley face you see when you arrive.  Providing our guests with the best experience possible is her priority, and she’s always there to help in any way she can.   Carmen moved to Golden planning to stay for a ski season, but quickly realized she didn’t want to leave.  From skiing and skating, to biking and hiking Carmen loves being outdoors as much as she can. 

“Carmen was friendly and so helpful in booking, and any questions or concerns were addressed right away.”  

                                         - Darrick W, Trip Advisor Review - Aug. 5, 2013





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